Custom Design Your Ideal Ring

At Ideal Diamond Buyers we work exclusively with experienced designers to create your ideal ring. We are partnered with who offers top of the line settings whether you are looking for an engagement ring, wedding band or an upgrade in status.

We have made it simple and easy for you to pick the ideal setting and Diamond. Just click on the setting below to browse thousands of options. Once you have one picked out send us the name of the setting and you are ready to pick your Diamond!

We have an exclusive stock of hand picked Diamonds that is constantly growing. Simply pick the shape or cut of Diamond you prefer and we will give you multiple options with pricing based on the  4Cs.

We don’t want to just sell you a Diamond, we want to educate you on how to pick the best
Diamond for the best value.

Browse thousands of settings and styles by CLICKING HERE
This link will take you to view one of our suppliers. Here, you can search for the piece that you have in mind, or we can custom-make your jewelry piece.

Need Help?

Clueless about where to start? Let us help you, simply send us your contact information, price range and any ideas on what you are looking for and we will come up with a ring for you!

*Hint Are you planning on buying an engagement ring? Check out her Pinterest account for ring ideas. If you see one you like and you know she likes (because she pinned it) send us the picture and we will create an identical or customized ring.